DYSTERSOL – ‘The Fifth Age of Man’! A crushing modern metal bundle you should definitely check it out!

Dystersol strike back with their second full-length since 2014, entitled ‘The Fifth Age of Man’. The Album contains 14 new tracks lasting 55 minutes and it was released on WormHoleDeath on May 4th, 2018.

Heavy, shattering guitar riffs, groovy deep bass lines, crushing double bass drums and mighty orchestras and synths provide the solid basis for uncompromising growling and screaming voices. Dystersol’s style can’t be assigned to one specific genre, but is definitely exciting for everyone who loves to bang their head to modern heavy music.


1. Fifth Age of Man
2. Life Amongst the Ruins
3. Down to Nothing
4. End of the Fall
5. Winterking
6. Tragedy of the Gifted Ones
7. Night of the Hunter
8. Children of the Wasteland
9. Beyond Blood
10. Olimpia
11. Comforting the Soulless
12. Psychopath
13. Danse Macabre
14. End Game


About the Album
The whole album takes place during the Five Ages of Man described by Hesoid, Ovid and other ancient Greek writers. The tracks focus on the Iron Age, the last age of humanity, where people live in misery and kill each other for literally nothing.

The stories wander through time, leaving one constant element: beings falling from grace while trying to achieve progress and knowledge for Mankind. From Prometheus (“the one who stole the flame”, “the bringer of fire” in tracks) over the snake in paradise, to the Morning Star (“the shining one”). In the end, as described in Ovid’s Ages of Man, humanity is not able to handle these technical progresses, thus leading to the Fifth Age.

The Album introduces an allegoric figure which is referred to many times throughout the tracks: The Winterking. A king for one winter, rising with a blaze, disappearing again soon, waiting on frozen plains for his return. Referring to Prometheus and the Morning Star, it is based on the historical figure of Frederik V, representing a quick rise and having enormous impact on the whole world, even though everybody already knows that the time for this person is restricted.

However, the album is not about retelling mythological stories, but on connoting their meaning to modern times and personal concerns. As a consequence, the tracks leave a lot of room for interpretation, and many lyrics can be transferred to refer to one’s personal situation. In the end, the album leaves an oppressive and concerning connotation: The world in its Fifth Age is fucked up.

Egoistic motives have destroyed the whole planet for decades, and exploited people at the end of the food chain hunt each other down for worthless things


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‘The Aftermath’ – Debut release by Blackened (FR)! A must for the fans of thrash!

The Aftermath is the debut release by Blackened – thrash metal band. It contains seven tracks and it was self-released on 10 May 2018.


1. Intro
2. Empowered
3. A Haunting Night
4. Dead End
5. The Aftermath
6. The Dark Side
7. Twisted Mind


Blackened are a Thrash Metal band from Paris, France formed in 2013.. Five friends inspired by iconic bands like Sepultura, S.O.D., Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Kreator, Testament.. The band members are Rui on vocals, Boris and Cyrille on guitars, Adrien on the bass and Jo on the drums.. They’ve released their demo tape “Terrorize” in 2015 and their first EP “The Aftermath” in this year 2018.



Lineup, Rui – vocals; Boris – guitar; Cyrille – guitar; Adrien – bass; Jonathan – drums

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Anshelm – Debut ‘Through the Burning Glass’ on Wishful Thinking recs! Exceptional Black Metal From Los-Angeles, California!

Anshelm Formed in 2014 by songwriter Pyralis and drummer Xul, the band went through various members until welcoming lead guitarist Iblis to the band. During this time, Through the Burning Glass was written.

With the addition of the new lead guitar, the songs were completed and recorded in early 2018. Now Wishful Thinking Art & Recordings is excited to release Anshelm’s first full length album on CD and digital formats. The band plans on touring by the end of the year to support the album.


1. Lair at Dawn
2. Heraldry of Lament
3. The Bitter Harvest
4. Caduceus Spine
5. Wrath’s Dagger
6. All Ending Void
7. Conspiring with Fire

Lineup, Pyralis- vocals & guitar Iblis- lead guitar Xul- drums Perseus- bass Demon- bass

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Legendary Iron Angel (GER) strikes back with their latest release ‘Hellbound’

IRON ANGEL is one of the true cult legends of the German Speed Metal genre. Formed in the Hamburg-area back in 1980 and known for two classic eighties metal album “Hellish Crossfire” from 1985 and “Winds Of War” from 1986 and a reputation as a staggering live band.

The band has toured Germany with KING DIAMOND and in recent years they have showed they are still a live band to reckon with on festivals on Metal Magic in 2016 and earlier this year at the Headbanger’s Open Air in Germany.

The band also recently toured South America with big success. Now the time has finally come for the long awaited come-back album from the band – the first studio album in over 30 years! “Hellbound” released as a big priority in May 2018 worldwide through Scandinavia’s premiere metal-rock label Mighty Music



1. Writing’s on the Wall
2. Judgement Day
3. Hell and Back
4. Carnivore Flashmob
5. Blood and Leather
6. Deliverance in Black
7. Waiting for a Miracle
8. Hellbound
9. Purist of Sin
10. Ministry of Metal


Lineup, Dirk Schroeder – Vocals, Didy Mackel – Bass, Mitsch Meyer – Guitar, Mäx Behr – Drums, Rob – Guitar


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The Void by Sons Of The Beast (Info, Artwork, Stream and more!)


The Void is the debut album release by Spanish Thrash Metal Band Sons Of The Beast. It contains 10 tracks of total running time 44 minutes and it was self-released on April 12th, 2018.


1. 2277 (Instrumental)

2. War Never Changes

3. Boo Or Boo-Urns?

4. No Justice (But Who Cares?)

5. Across the Mosh

6. The Witching Pact

7. Rip and Tear

8. Mr. Rampage

9. Into the Void (Of Ignorance)

10. Bronson


Sons of the Beast was formed in 2010, in Madrid, Spain. Previously known as “Beast” until 2015, the band changed its name after some formation changes, plus being harassed by Korean bots from a K-pop band in social medias. Despite all the weird obstacles, Sons of the Beast keeps thrashing around, presenting now a new album, released in 2018: “The Void”.


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Taste Of Greed – Irreversible

Irreversible is the debut album by Taste Of Greed, it contains nine tracks with a total playing time of 44 minutes and it was released on 4th May, 2018.


Grab it from tasteofgreed.com/store amzn.to/2I07pNP apple.co/2GaPuQn spoti.fi/2I0IcPJ




1. gNOsis

2. Green Hills

3. Deadlock

4. Irreversible

5. Treasures in Humanity

6. Too Little Words

7. Pathetic

8. Deep Sea

9. Astray


Since 2013, Taste of Greed are performing kick-ass Melodic Thrash Metal. The five lads from Hamburg create a raging but virtuous thrash bastard, which is feasting on the elements of pure and aggressive music as well as modern and more progressive sounds.

A combination of brutal up-tempo riffs, heavy breakdowns and furious shouts and growls are clashing on piercing melodic parts and double-guitar leads. This meal is delicious, but in the end the pure combination of the finest ingredients of the contemporary Metal cuisine whet your appetite and leaves you craving for more!



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Built-in Obsolescence – INSTAR



Built-in Obsolescence is a musical project born in Riccione (Italy) in 2010. The band started composing songs inspired to various metal genres, developing in time a sound akin to Alternative and Progressive Metal with Post Rock and Ambient influences. Introspective and dark themes are intertwined with the band instrumental composition, leading to vivid journeys into humanity’s behaviours, its hopes and troubles.



1. Dance of Falling Leaves
2. Sine Requie
3. The Wave
4. Ground Launch Sequencer
5. Project: Almaz
6. Watching the Wake
7. Shara
8. Lashes
9. Biotronic
10. AD 9878
11. Ecdysis

Instar is a phase of development in the life of arthropods. The animal periodically leaves its vital protection, its exoskeleton. Then, soft and vulnerables are ready to new growth and a new armour will form. In this LP the human being is seen as a moulting insect, changing shape, but nonetheless ever connected to a greater ambient embracing him.

The album concept is expressed through stories and abstract lyrics revolving around hopes and delusions, reality and illusions. Narration starts with Dance of Falling Leaves, an abrupt realisation of the inexorable flow of time in which are scattered mellow memories. Time soothe man like the breeze lull leaves on trees. The same time that strips leaves from branches and delusions from minds. This is a recurring image in the subsequent songs. The album end with a long, abstract and profound composition: Ecdysis is humanity’s last observation of itself, out of space and time, before embracing change.



Lineup, Valerio Biagini – bass guitar Gianmarco Ciotti – guitar Bruno Galli – drums Paolo Sanchi – vocals Alex Semprini – guitar


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