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Stömb :: Video ‘Ephemeral’

Stömb ‘s ‘Ephemeral‘ first single out of their recent release ‘From Nihil‘. An awesome piece of work, part of their Modern/Prog Instrumental tunes. The guys hailing from Paris, France and their musicianship is really promising for the future! Keep an eye on them.

Here is the Video,

For those who wish to stay tuned then here is their Official Facebook Page,

Inner Odyssey – ‘The Void’ – Out Now!

Inner Odyssey offers modern progressive music, both complex at the instrumental level and accessible at the vocal level, without denying its ‘70s progressive rock classics roots. Sharing between them a varied musical.

Here is the latest opus – The Void – ,


  1. Overhanging
  2. The Reckoning
  3. Into the Void
  4. Don’t Walk way
  5. I’m Fine
  6. Endgame
  7. Nemesis
  8. Continue Without Saving
  9. The Great Collapse

Band Members,

Vincent Leboeuf-Gadreau : Guitars – Vocals
Étienne Doyon : Lead vocals – Percussions
Alex Rancourt: Bass – Vocals
Mathieu Cossette: Keyboards – Vocals
Cédric Lepage : Drums

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Monad by Werifesteria

Coming from Pennsylvania (USA), Werifesteria is one of the bands that  keep the torch of our scene burning. They have been present since 2018,  offering a Raw style of Black metal, blended with obscured musicianship, translated as, sickening vox, blastemy drumming and a mystical type of grooviness.

Monad – EP – comes with five tracks, currently available through band’s official Bandcamp page. An aggressive piece of Black Metal art, with the melody always being present in its core.



1. Astral Rift
2. Vault of the Drow
3. Selenium
4. Eurydice
5. Sol Niger


Official Link – Support $1




Dominia – ‘The Withering Of The Rose’ is out now!

Russia always delivering chaos and despair at their finest form! DOMINIA released an ode to pessimism and sadness and they called it ‘The Withering Of The Rose‘ !

Album also feat. SAKIS TOLIS of the Greek Black Metal Triarchy Rotting Christ.


1. I Want To Forget
2. My Flesh And The Sacred River (Ft. Sakis Tolis)  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3. Suprema
4. The Light Of The Black Sun
5. Entombed In Grief
6. The Elephant Man
7. Nomoreus
8. The Withering Of The Rose
9. The Night And The Dark Room
10. The Song That You Don’t Like (Bonus)


Official Links,

PROPHETS OF THE APOCALYPSE Deliver On The ‘Threshold Of War’

US Thrash Metal project  Prophets Of The Apocalypse  invades your lands once again with their full length album entitled,  Threshold Of War  released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on December 17th 2019. The album depicts the desolate vision of ancient wars, and the darkness of human conflict, while narrating all of the brutality and bloodiness of battle.

Prophets Of The Apocalypse  consistently unleash their ferocious music, blending Blackened Thrash with Old School Death Metal. A vigorous onslaught of drums guides your extreme expedition, intertwining vehement vocals, technical bass madness, and Pete Serro’s blitzkrieg of guitar wizardry!



Track by track
The intro track,  Ashes , sets the album’s tone of utter devastation. Building with a growing of hate,  Ashes  chronicles a vengeful army literally burning everything in it’s path! “Ashes pierce the heavens, fire lights the sky…”  Prophets Of The Apocalypse  scream their battle cry and are ready for a Metal invasion.

Maze Of Doom , the album’s second track, is a twisted saga of a guard leading an evil queen through a seemingly endless labyrinth of castle halls. Pete Serro’s lyrics paint a descriptive picture in the vein of an Edgar Allan Poe short story. The guard’s madness eventually takes over his mind in conjunction with a swirling guitar fury.

Burn The Dead , envisions Barbarians clashing in the battlefield, in rivers of blood. The bodies of the dead, piled high & burning once the siege is over. Old School Thrash & Death Metal chant the chorus,  Burn The Dead !

Shield Maiden , the album’s shortest song, vibes with technical, Old School Death Metal. Shield Maiden  pays tribute to the Valkyrie & other female warriors who blaze their paths of destruction, melded with brutal riffs & melodic guitars.

Trophies Of War  creeps in slowly, evolving into pure Black Metal chaos. Maybe the darkest song on  Threshold Of WarTrophies Of War  deals with inner battles including pain, loneliness, and the passing of time. This song escalates into blistering technical mayhem.

The Threshold Of War journey continues with the song Dead Winter Night. Thrash meets Melodic Death Metal and technical riffing. The lyrics depict an army battling the frozen winter night as they try to stay alive and invade their enemy.

Hierarchy Of Terror portrays a wicked ruler, espionage, and the horrors within the castle walls. Prophets Of The Apocalypse meld their unique style of Black Metal and Thrash accompanying furious drums and psychotic guitars.

Ancient Wars is the only instrumental song on the Threshold Of War album. Prophets The Apocalypse illustrate their Old School Death Metal roots along with their technical prowess.

Clouds thunder, as War Gods laugh… Prophets Of The Apocalypse strike again with their bloody depiction of medieval battle in the song, Never Retreat, Never Surrender. Thrash and Death Metal unite to spin another tale of war and strife.

Crush Thy Enemy is an epic anthem of war from the Threshold Of War album. Prophets Of The Apocalypse call upon their legions of warriors to rise up and destroy their foe metaphorically, if not physically. Pete Serro’s guitar solos are haunting, and the bass breakdown will slay your soul.

Skye Ablaze sketches an epic battle along the shores of a town under invasion. Choking up blood with smoke filled eyes, surrounded with fire and the frenzy of combat. Prophets Of The Apocalypse assault of guitars will overrun your village, while the unyielding drums of war will beat you into defeat.

Threshold Of War | Released on December 17th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Ashes | 02. Maze Of Doom | 03. Burn The Dead | 04. Shield Maiden | 05. Trophies Of War | 06. Dead Winter Night | 07. Hierarchy Of Terror | 08. Ancient Wars | 09. Never Retreat, Never Surrender | 10. Crush Thy Enemy | 11. Skye Ablaze

Prophets Of The Apocalypse is:
Pete Serro – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming

Band links:  Official Website  | Facebook  | Instagram  | On Sliptrick

Yoth Iria – The return of mighty Mutilator to the Metal Scene

The original founding member of two of the most extreme and influential bands of Greek Metal Scene back in the day – Rotting Christ & Varathron – welcomes a new, promising, demonic era!


After his successful comeback with the Brazilians, ‘Mystifier’, on their latest long awaited, full length “Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia” and his participation in the Greek Black Metal project ‘Medieval Demon’, Mutilator sets afire on his own unholy empire the so called Yoth Iria!


Jim’s currently in George Emmanuel’s ‘Pentagram Studio’ recording Yoth Iria’s debut EP that it’s going to be released later this year on Repulsive Echo.


Both band and label haven’t published any material online to keep the mystery sealed and alive. Yoth Iria will be a blending of Heavy tunes, Doom Rites, Black Unoly Scriptures and Majestic Darkness. Can’t wait for that one.


Until then show your love and support to the band by visiting and following their official page on Facebook! Yoth Iria


Social Links,

Band :

Label :

Voices Of Grief – Self Titled Debut EP is out on MSH Music Group.

Self Titled Debut EP from the Black/Doom metal project – Voices Оf Grief released on 20th April under MSH Music Group on CD & digitally!

5 +1 bonus blasphemous hymns from the unholy land of Russia.


1. Epitaph to Tragedy
2. Schizodramatic Nebulact of Disowning
3. The Gravendark Eclipse
4. Hysteria in the Blasphemous Void
5. Between Forgiveness and Damage Done

6. Whores (As Bonus)

📹 Listen to the single ‘The Gravendark Eclipse’ taken from the upcoming EP on YouTube below,


// Kostas Dahmer

Stardust ‘s debut release “Fragmente eines gebrochenen Lebens”

Stardust ‘s debut release “Fragmente eines gebrochenen Lebens” is out now and limited to 200 Digipaks. Awesome depressive Black Metal from Germany! Head to Band’s official BandCamp page to grab your copy!




1. Erinnerungen
2. Des letzten Novembers Trauersang
3. Gedanken eines sterbenden Wolfes
4. Im Einklang mit dem Wahn
5. Ewigtraum
6. Von Trauer, Zorn und Vergangenen Zeiten
7. Im Regen
8. Sehnsucht
9. Der Herbst verklang im Winterglanze



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By Kostas Dahmer


ANTECEDENT OFFERINGS Featuring re-recordings of Crushed and Artistic Butchery. They are limited to 500 copies and over half have already been sold during pre sales.


Brutality® was formed in 1986. In 1988 they released their first demo “Brutality” which gained them recognition in the underground fanzines. Their 2nd demo “Dimension Demented” was recorded in 1990 releasing a 7-inch EP on Gore Records called “Hell on Earth”. 1991 saw the release of “Metamorphosis” a cassette EP that received worldwide distribution on Wild Rags Records.

After necessary lineup changes in 1992, the band propelled forward and into the studio to record a new demo. The band utilized this demo to shop for a record deal and found interest from many different labels. They signed with Nuclear Blast Records and released a 2-song, 7-inch EP called “Sadistic”. Brutality’s first album “Screams of Anguish” was released in 1993. They toured with Hypocrisy in Europe and crushed venues with their dark metal riffs. The bands 2nd album “When the Sky Turns Black” was released in 1994. The release of “When the Sky Turns Black” spawned a European wide venture where they toured with Bolt Thrower & Cemetery.

With continued efforts to improve their sound and direction, additional lineup changes were made in 1995 and they started writing their 3rd album “In Mourning”. This, their 3rd and most recent album was released in 1996. The band continued to play regional shows and US Metal Fests and in 2003 the band recorded a 3-song demo which was never released due to sub-par songs and recordings. After years of success Brutality’s band members decided to disband, to pursue personal gain with family and their careers. All three of Brutality® albums were re-mastered and released in 2008 on Metal Mind Productions with unreleased bonus tracks. Mid 2012 Brutality® reformed and has plans to invade a venue near you in the near future.



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By Kostas Dahmer


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In Demoni :: Their second full-length ‘The Grand Slam’ is out now on Rotten Cemetery Records! Brutalism at its finest!


In Demoni strike back with their second full-length ‘The Grand Slam‘ released on June 20th, 2018 via Rotten Cemetery Records. Twelve tracks full of brutalism and Death.

2012 – 2013

☑ Recording of the first album in the Ochtagon Studio, helped by Saris (ex-Anti Flesh Nimbus/Ex-Nebelsarg) and Schwarte (ex-Abrogation)
☑ Mix & Mastering by Dennis Israel
☑ Artwork by Mindrape Art
☑ Release of the debut album “So trieb sich die Welt ins Dunkel” as Download


☑ Mathi (Guitar) and Simon (Bass) expanded the line up
☑ Pressing of “So trieb sich die Welt ins Dunkel” in a 50-times limited edition


☑ First Live Shows
☑ Benny leaves and gets replaced by Jens
☑ Erik takes the role of the drummer


☑ The band’s logo gets changed
☑ Simon leaves and gets replaced by David
☑ EP recordings get finished
☑ Deal with our label Rotten Cemetery Records


☑ Jens leaves and gets replaced by Steiner
☑ A bunch of live shows
☑ Recording of “The Grad Slam” gets finished


☑ A bunch of live shows
☑ Music video – It’s not how it sounds like –



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