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Inner Odyssey – ‘The Void’ – Out Now!

Inner Odyssey offers modern progressive music, both complex at the instrumental level and accessible at the vocal level, without denying its ‘70s progressive rock classics roots. Sharing between them a varied musical.

Here is the latest opus – The Void – ,


  1. Overhanging
  2. The Reckoning
  3. Into the Void
  4. Don’t Walk way
  5. I’m Fine
  6. Endgame
  7. Nemesis
  8. Continue Without Saving
  9. The Great Collapse

Band Members,

Vincent Leboeuf-Gadreau : Guitars – Vocals
Étienne Doyon : Lead vocals – Percussions
Alex Rancourt: Bass – Vocals
Mathieu Cossette: Keyboards – Vocals
Cédric Lepage : Drums

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