Allamedah – New single ‘Perspective’ is out now! Grooviness, Solidity and Professionalism!

Allamedah have just released their 4th in a row single “Perspective” for 2018. Great production and mix followed by an exceptional video shooting. Check the official clip below.

Allamedah was formed in 2015, by vocalist and guitarist David Coutinho, and drummer João Faria. In late 2015, after former bassist Wilhelm Lindh joined the lineup, the band recorded its first single, entitled “Rio”.

In 2016, after guitarist Tiago Marinho completed the formation, the band started recording their debut EP, which included 5 songs: “Symphony”, “Behol Neshima”, “Desnudar a Alma”, “Red Flag” and “Rio”.

In late 2017, after months of writing, the group entered the studio to record 10 songs that would be released during the year of 2018.

Sonically, Allamedah aims to mix the agressiveness of Heavy Metal with the depth, beauty and melancholy of portuguese traditional music (as well as some other cultures), without leaving aside some modern influences of any genre.



Band’s Profile ::




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