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In Demoni :: Their second full-length ‘The Grand Slam’ is out now on Rotten Cemetery Records! Brutalism at its finest!


In Demoni strike back with their second full-length ‘The Grand Slam‘ released on June 20th, 2018 via Rotten Cemetery Records. Twelve tracks full of brutalism and Death.

2012 – 2013

☑ Recording of the first album in the Ochtagon Studio, helped by Saris (ex-Anti Flesh Nimbus/Ex-Nebelsarg) and Schwarte (ex-Abrogation)
☑ Mix & Mastering by Dennis Israel
☑ Artwork by Mindrape Art
☑ Release of the debut album “So trieb sich die Welt ins Dunkel” as Download


☑ Mathi (Guitar) and Simon (Bass) expanded the line up
☑ Pressing of “So trieb sich die Welt ins Dunkel” in a 50-times limited edition


☑ First Live Shows
☑ Benny leaves and gets replaced by Jens
☑ Erik takes the role of the drummer


☑ The band’s logo gets changed
☑ Simon leaves and gets replaced by David
☑ EP recordings get finished
☑ Deal with our label Rotten Cemetery Records


☑ Jens leaves and gets replaced by Steiner
☑ A bunch of live shows
☑ Recording of “The Grad Slam” gets finished


☑ A bunch of live shows
☑ Music video – It’s not how it sounds like –



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Prophets of the Apocalypse :: Debut EP release ‘War Metal’ by Heavy Metal Veteran Pete Serro!

Experience first hand the journey of a warrior, from battles of the mind, to bloody battles on the field. This debut album by Prophets Of The Apocalypse will assault your world with their unique brand of Dark Thrash War Metal!

Driven by a fury of double-bass war drums, this epic invasion carries the listener through tales of Medieval conflict, with old school Thrash vocals merging with elements of Blackened Death styles. The ferociously raw, yet technical guitars of veteran frontman Pete Serro, will satisfy those craving some shred.



PROPHETS OF THE APOCALYPSE is the rebirth of Epic Dark Thrash Metal. A fire was burning deep within that could not be extinguished. An ember waiting to explode into a fury of destruction.

There was only one focus…fierce headbanging METAL! We unleashed our army of pure Thrash maniacs. Our only goal is to assault your senses and invade your lands.

Our first attack is set for 2018. We have been preparing for battle since 2017, after rebuilding Apocalypse Studios in Tennessee, USA.


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By Kostas Dahmer

Synchreality | Hypnotheticall :: Those guys are skilled and served us one of the greatest music experiences for 2018 so far.

Hypnotheticall striking back with their third in a row full-length ‘SYNCHREALITY released on March 16th, 2018 via Revalve Records. Album contains 10 tracks full of groove and progressiveness that will make your neck bleed. Check them below and do not forget to show your love n’ support.

Hypnotheticall Debuts In 2002 With An Ep Entitled “In Need Of A God?”, Followed By “Thorns” In 2003 And By “Fragments Of Truth” In 2006!!! A Completely Self-produced Triptych That Only In The Latest Phase Is Able To Lead To The First Record Deal!!!

During These Five Years The Band Deals With Various Concerts Consolidating Its Reputation Of Technical And Solid Band And Gets Very Good Reviews, A Good Critical Acclaim Culminating In A Record Deal Signed With Insanity Records, Polish Label Particularly Impressed By The Band’s Progressive Metal Proposal!!! “Dead World” Is Born, First Official Full-length Album Accompanied By A Video Clip Of The Single “Fear Of A Suffocated Wrath”!!!

It’s 2009 And The Band, After Several Dates In The North Of Italy, Faces The First Strong Line-up Change!!! The Drummer Paolo Veronese And The Singer Francesco Dal Barco Pass The Baton To Francesco Tresca And Marco Ciscato!!! In The Line-up There’s Also A Place For Keyboardist Davide Pretto Who, Along With Guitarists Giuseppe Zaupa And Mirko Marchesini And Bassist Luca Capalbo, Records The Band’s Second Official Full-length Album Called “A Farewell To Gravity”, Published By The Italian Label Logic (Il) Logic!!!

The Album, Promoted By Several Videos, Interviews And Various Concerts Culminating With The Participation At The Masters Of Rock Festival In Czech Republic, Receives Great Reviews Highlightning The Band’s Personality And Variety Of Style!!!

In 2014 The Band Tackles The Last Change Of Skin Becoming A Creature With 4 Heads!!! Giuseppe Zaupa And Luca Capalbo Square The Circle By Incorporating The Technical And Incisive Style Of Drummer Giulio Cariolato And The Versatile And Charismatic Voice Of Davide Pellichero!!!

With This Line-up The Band Records A First Single Entitled “Awake(Ning)”, Publishing It In February 2016 And Jumping Headlong Into The Writing Of The Third Official Full-length Album “Synchreality”, Published On March 16 Of 2018 By Revalve Records.


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Allamedah – New single ‘Perspective’ is out now! Grooviness, Solidity and Professionalism!

Allamedah have just released their 4th in a row single “Perspective” for 2018. Great production and mix followed by an exceptional video shooting. Check the official clip below.

Allamedah was formed in 2015, by vocalist and guitarist David Coutinho, and drummer João Faria. In late 2015, after former bassist Wilhelm Lindh joined the lineup, the band recorded its first single, entitled “Rio”.

In 2016, after guitarist Tiago Marinho completed the formation, the band started recording their debut EP, which included 5 songs: “Symphony”, “Behol Neshima”, “Desnudar a Alma”, “Red Flag” and “Rio”.

In late 2017, after months of writing, the group entered the studio to record 10 songs that would be released during the year of 2018.

Sonically, Allamedah aims to mix the agressiveness of Heavy Metal with the depth, beauty and melancholy of portuguese traditional music (as well as some other cultures), without leaving aside some modern influences of any genre.



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