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‘The Aftermath’ – Debut release by Blackened (FR)! A must for the fans of thrash!

The Aftermath is the debut release by Blackened – thrash metal band. It contains seven tracks and it was self-released on 10 May 2018.


1. Intro
2. Empowered
3. A Haunting Night
4. Dead End
5. The Aftermath
6. The Dark Side
7. Twisted Mind


Blackened are a Thrash Metal band from Paris, France formed in 2013.. Five friends inspired by iconic bands like Sepultura, S.O.D., Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Kreator, Testament.. The band members are Rui on vocals, Boris and Cyrille on guitars, Adrien on the bass and Jo on the drums.. They’ve released their demo tape “Terrorize” in 2015 and their first EP “The Aftermath” in this year 2018.



Lineup, Rui – vocals; Boris – guitar; Cyrille – guitar; Adrien – bass; Jonathan – drums

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Anshelm – Debut ‘Through the Burning Glass’ on Wishful Thinking recs! Exceptional Black Metal From Los-Angeles, California!

Anshelm Formed in 2014 by songwriter Pyralis and drummer Xul, the band went through various members until welcoming lead guitarist Iblis to the band. During this time, Through the Burning Glass was written.

With the addition of the new lead guitar, the songs were completed and recorded in early 2018. Now Wishful Thinking Art & Recordings is excited to release Anshelm’s first full length album on CD and digital formats. The band plans on touring by the end of the year to support the album.


1. Lair at Dawn
2. Heraldry of Lament
3. The Bitter Harvest
4. Caduceus Spine
5. Wrath’s Dagger
6. All Ending Void
7. Conspiring with Fire

Lineup, Pyralis- vocals & guitar Iblis- lead guitar Xul- drums Perseus- bass Demon- bass

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