Tvoj je hram u srcu mom’, debut studio album of Endarken! A Massive black metal production for the fans of the genre. (Stream , Artwork & Info)

You settled in the depths of my heart. I did not invite You, I did not know You, at least not the way I know You now. It was something that happened naturally, without any influence, something pure.

I still remember the first time I saw Your face, that scene shaped my life. I stepped in Your footprint, I knew I belong there even though I was child… Your presence was growing year after year… Your temple is in my heart, You are my heart, You are the pulse of life.

Tvoj je hram u srcu mom“ is the envoy of darkness, the bearer of the black flame, a six odes to the omnipresent indestructible force which is the source of life and death. This album is an ode to Him, a gloomy sound pervaded with fiery melodies – anything that lovers of black metal can wish for.

1. Šta vrede oči kada um je slep
2. Tvoj je hram u srcu mom
3. Alfa i omega
4. Oda Njemu
5. The old ones awakening
6. Ja, sve i svja



Lineup, Nekrst – Strings & Vocals, N.P.V. – Drums, Dušan Kljajić – Lead Guitar

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