Stream RUST’s debut album ‘Urstoff’

RUST founded by the original members of October Rust, a band which had split-up several years before due to the lack of a singer and started rehearsing again in 2015, eventually employing Jotun as their new stable vocalist.


A magical, evocative and enchanting work, as well as tragic, apocalyptic, cruel, painful, fatal, nefarious, violent and deadly … A unique and disenchanted vision of extreme music. A dazzling journey, almost blinding and inadmissible, leading to the discovery of a majestic and impressive record, whose roots are inspired by the first OPETH, SHINING and a post-KATATONIA taste.

However, this record has an ultra-personal vision, open and unique that makes RUST’s universe an unmatched experience.

1. The Bounteus Dearth

2. Graylight Contoured

3. No Place Like Death

4. Windumanouth

5. Scribed

6. Wounds of the Sunken Dawn



Lineup, Hor :: Bass, Loki :: Drums, Thordern :: Guitars & Jotun :: Vocals


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By Kostas Dahmer.


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