Half Past Eight (GER) – Of Loss and Belief

Band formed back in 2011, Johannes, former bassist Max, and Florian, knew from school and started playing together. Soon thereafter Kevin joined, whom got to know over youtube, because he did guitar covers just like Flo and another youtuber advised him of his channel.

Band started rehearsing and writing songs, named themselves Half Past Eight (short HPE) and played the first live gig in December 2012. Until now they have played far over 50 gigs and shared the stage with various bands (best known should be Deadlock).

Some of the influences are: Trivium, Machine Head, Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, August Burns Red.


1. Of Loss and Belief

2. The Black Tides of Styx

3. Forsaken and Divided

4. Agitator

5. Memoria

6. Samsara

7. Saligia

8. A Valkyries Martyrdom

9. Totentantz

10. Sekai no Yami

11. Afterlife

12. Sustained


CHAINBREÄKER – Wasteland City

The four-piece from Linz surprised many of the people present, because despite their youthful age, were able to show high – class playing.

Classic, strong 80s Thrash / Speed Metal could be heard in the “Rockhouse” and tackled many a decent grin in the face.

Even visually, the four appeared as directly from the 80s – tight pants, bullet belts and white sneakers

CHAINBREÄKER have internalized the straighten thrash not only musically but also visually.
Stormbringer Magazine Live Review „Metal for Jakob“, 18.03.2017




1. Merciless Eyes

2. Wasteland City

3. Oldschool Attitude

4. Fuck Shit Up

5. Breaking the Chains

6. Awakening of Evil

7. Mind Control

8. Blood for Blood

9. Rain of Ruin

10. Acid Attack



Lineup, Christoph Ley (Guitar & Vocals) – Stefan Bruckner (Guitar & Backvox) – Jan Fisselberger (Bass & Backvox) – Jürgen Lengauer (Drums)


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By Kostas Dahmer

Deadly Carnage (IT) – ‘Through the Void, Above the Suns’ (Stream, Info & Artwork)

There is a sacred geometry in the whispers of the strings, creating music in the space between spheres, take a journey through the Void, above the Suns. Start to inhale quantic hummings, vibrating, chaotic energy fills the void following the first information given: Birth, Create.

Where no eye can create Matter with his sight, the real fabric of the universe create the basic pillars of the existence: the Hyle, in bright giant furnaces. And Cosmos can be called like so, following a second law: Procreate. So light trasmits the data of life. Light, Lumis, Light. Cosmos is living, Cosmos is breathing. And we are through Streams of Shine. Eye that creates Matter at sight, Matter that bends time at will, then Cosmos duplicate himself to be aware of his own potential.

Segments, Ifenes, portions of frozen spacetime. A view of a giant infinite fractalized universal Tree, where every branches are a pulse of a Divide in the storming dusts of time. From infinite possibilities, universe create a multiverse, channeling in this line of spacetime. This is the choosen path. Cosmos is living, Cosmos is breathing. And all goes to repeat where dilute gases uniform to the void, time’s exhale: End, Entropy.

Cosmos is living, then he follows the third and last order given: Destroy, dragging its charm of absolute emptiness. But we are a single breathe of his quantic lung, feeling again a geometry, whispers inside spheres. We are travelling inside his body to keep it alive.

Universe needs a conscious sentient being from the essence of stars. Cosmos is living. Cosmos is breathing.
And we are through Streams of Shine.



1. Quantum 01:42
2. Matter 05:08
3. Hyle 04:13
4. Cosmi 02:37
5. Lumis 05:35
6. Ifene 07:54
7. Fractals 03:13
8. Divide 07:15
9. Entropia 07:40


Lineup, Alexios – Vocals, Guitars Dave – Guitars Adres – Bass Marco – Drums



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By Kostas Dahmer

Vorbid (NOR) – Debut ‘Mind’ is out now.

Mind is the debut album of the Norwegians Vorbid. The album consists of five tracks, delivering fifty minutes of pure – aggressive, progressive thrash! Hat Tip to Megadeth, Slayer, Destruction and Vektor, uniquely combined with their own style and musical attitude


1. If There’s Evil (There’s People)
2. Zombie
3. Invention Intervention
4. To Mega Therion
5. Mind

Lineup, Michael Eriksen Briggs – Guitar and Vocals, Daniel Emanuelsen – Lead Guitar, Marcus Gullovsen – Drums, Jonas Tellefsen – Bass

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By Kostas Dahmer





INSINERATEHYMN – ‘A Moment in a Vision’ is out.

INSINERATEHYMN is an upcoming Death Metal band from Los Angeles, CA, heavily influenced by bands such as Unleashed, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Edge of Sanity, Entombed, Pestilence, Sepultura.

Artwork by Karl Dahmer


✔ Enigmatic Voyage 05:38
✔ Caliginous Pneuma 03:25
✔ Seeking Immortality 04:53
✔ A Moment in a Vision 02:16
✔ Terminal Existence 05:16
✔ Putrid Hordes 03:52
✔ Temple of Solitude 03:13



Lineup, Hugo Gomez (Vocals), Demitree Rivera (Lead Guitar), Frank Montero (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Miguel Martinez (Bass), Abraham Garcia (Drums)

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By Kostas Dahmer

War Of Thrones – Conflict In Creation

War of Thrones is a new 2011 metal band with old school metal influence written into their music, creating original heavy songs from the ground up. Their live shows deliver energy and theatrics that form a metal alliance.

The Band, has already amassed a mighty arsenal of metal songs to feature on their debut album, Conflict and Creation. War of Thrones is ready to bring the Metal in a new and exciting way, prepared for any battle!


One month since the release of ‘Conflict In Creation’  and the customers’ reviews say it all!

《 Wade Black fan for years. His vocals DO NOT disappoint! 》
《 Been waiting for this one! This one’s a keeper! 》
《 Great album! 》
《 This Album is Slamming from start to finish ! 》
《 Metal at it’s best 》

✓ Grab your copy :: amzn.to/2mO7zvg
✓ Source of Reviews :: amzn.to/2mO7zvg
✓ Stream ‘Aftermath’ :: bit.ly/2FNADiR

For a detailed review on debut, check the given Ace of KNAC.COM here ( bit.ly/2ID6QGj )

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By Kostas Dahmer


SpellBlast – ‘Of Gold and Guns’ is out.

Jesse James the Ecstasy of Gold runs through your veins … ! Gold, Outlaws, Smoking Barrels and Heavy Metal ! The forth full-length album ‘Of Gold and Guns‘ of the Italians SpellBlast, delivering a concepting nine tracks’ pack of Heavy, Power Metal that is blended with the sensation of the Old West.



✔ Tex Willer
✔ Wyatt Earp
✔ Billy The Kid
✔ Jesse James
✔ Sitting Bull
✔ William Lewis Manly
✔ Crazy Horse
✔ Goblins In Deadwood
✔ William Barret Travis




Luca Arzuffi :: Guitars, Dest :: Vocals, Xavier Rota :: bass, Manuel Togni :: Drums


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By Kostas Dahmer

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